ProSim West provides custom quotes on every simulator, tailored to meet your unique requirements. We deliver and install anywhere in western Canada. We can hit any budget, and deliver on any unique simulator request. Contact us and lets build something rad!

Entry Level

Starting at $7500 delivered! Explore our entry level rigs that are designed to be both affordable and great to drive out of the box while still presenting vast amounts of upgradability as you progress! The perfect start to your sim racing journey. Using an ASR aluminum chassis, with entry level peripherals means you can always upgrade later.


A complete professional grade simulator, with the best of the best in components and tuning starting at $15,000. A Simucube 2 Pro, and steering wheel of your choice. High end Load Cell pedals to suit your driving style. Triple monitors, and a Buttkicker for increased immersion. This is the rig for competitive E-sports and professional training without blowing the budget.

Full Motion Pro

A Simucube 2 Pro and full D-Box motion for $20,000! This build marks your entry into the ultimate sim racing experience. Our baseline full motion rig gives you a premium experience at an extremely competitive price point! Recommended for professional racers and enthusiasts to provide an accurate racing experience and a state of the art driver training tool.

Elite Full Motion Simulator

The ultimate spec, and what we are famous for. Starting at $30,000... Imagine flying up Eau Rouge surrounded by triple 42" 4K OLED displays while feeling every rumble strip and curb strike through quad D-Box Actuators. Elevate your driving precision with professional grade force feedback from the benchmark Simucube 2 Pro wheelbase. Feel the ABS pulsing through your feet with the first ever Active Pedal force feedback brake & throttle. Our elite builds focus not only on a quality driving experience, but complete immersion and the the highest level of tactile feedback.